Where can I learn more?

From your employer OR NDPRC. Contact us for a free Information Pack and booking details.

How does a Course run?

With a Course Facilitator who is present throughout the whole course. The aim is to examine changing lifestyle – to advise, not dictate. The theme is to encourage looking forward.

What subjects are covered?

Health/Diet/Fitness, Finance, Leisure, Stress Management, Security/Safety, Legal Advice/Making a Will, New Interests, Consumer Rights, Income Tax, Pensions & Benefits.

How often do courses run?

Pre-Retirement Courses run throughout the year and usually once a month. Mid-Life Courses and Peace of Mind Seminars are held once a year, usually in Spring and Autumn. In-House courses are held at the Company’s request.

Where are your courses held?

At the Middle Street Resource Centre, Middle Street, Beeston, Nottingham. There are all day car parks in the area with pay and display tickets.  The area is also served by Nottm. City Transport, Trent/Barton, Dunn Line, Notts.+Derby Traction Company, NET (the tram) and British Rail.   Full details will be sent out in the Joining Instructions. For large firms and organisations they are held on the employers’ premises.

Can my spouse/partner accompany me on the course?

Yes. We encourage husbands/ wives/partners to attend together as Retirement affects both parties.

I work in the textile industry and have not been invited to attend a course.

KFAT are keen to send people on our courses and have a clause in the Contract of Employment which entitles people to attend. Contact your HR Dept. and ask about attendance. OR ring the NDPRC for an Information Pack so you can discuss this with your employer.

Some of my Colleagues went on a Mid-Life Seminar. When should I go on one?

If you are aged 35-45 you really ought to think about planning now to ensure you have adquate pension provision for when it’s your time to retire. All the details are on the Link on the Home Page for Mid-Life Courses.

My employer is in the process of making quite a few of us redundant. What shall I do?

Ask them to contact NDPRC for details of a One-day “In-House” Redundancy Course. Expert speakers will be present on site to discuss any concerns. See the link to prices for full details of the cost of a One day course on site.

My company is not on your list and have never heard of NDPRC. I am keen to attend, but don’t know where to start.

Contact NDPRC for an Information Pack which is self-explanatory. You can then discuss this with your employer. Alternatively, ask them to ring the NDPRC and they will explain the booking format or arrange a visit.

I’m a newly appointed HR Manager and cannot find the file for Retirement provision for my staff or, indeed, am not sure whether my Company gets involved. What should I do?

Don’t worry, contact NDPRC for an Information Pack which will include all the details. NDPRC will then get your employee on the next suitable course. They will do all the admin. work involved. All they need from you is the name of the employee, job title, age and retirement date.

I retire next week. Am I too late to attend?

No. People have attended who have been retired a few weeks and still found it beneficial. However, we do recommend attendance 3 – 5 years before retirement to ensure adequate planning.

My colleague went on one of your courses a few years ago. Now it’s my time to retire, but I haven’t been invited.

Contact your Training/Human Resource/Personnel Officer ASAP. They will need to fill in a Booking Form and return it to NDPRC either by post, fax or On-Line booking form. NDPRC will then do all the relevant paper-work to get you on a course.