Provision of Pre-Retirement Courses

An important aspect of all NDPRC Programmes is that all delegates have imminent “retirement in common” and just being with, and having opportunities to discuss retirement issues with others approaching this period of life, provides a major boost in their preparation for retirement, personal attitudes to retirement and their continuing valuable role within their family, community and beyond. There is a strong emphasis on the psychological approach to retirement and how it affects families, not just the delegates. Shared discussion is included across a wide range of prospective retirees.

Course Facilitators report that, on arrival the first morning, many delegates do not really know what to expect from their pre-retirement programme, even though they will have received information ahead of their course. At close on the final day, however, delegates have an extremely positive attitude towards the next phase of their life, knowing they are not on their own with this major life change and that they have a wealth of information to help them continue to achieve their aims and goals.